There are several Indus Practices that have evolved through years of research and practices. A few of the high impact practices leading to social, emotional and cognitive development of the students are as follows:

I Know Thyself ("IKT")

I know Thyself (“IKT”) Indus practice is a structured program driven by the IKT book. We believe that it is critical that students learn to set goals at an early age. The Indus Know Thyself book allows them to keep track of their own progress. They set their own goals and receive feedback from both the teachers and peers. We regularly encourage students to take up activities inside the School, which aid the feeling of community development and a sense of belongingness to the School. Students can be seen cleaning their classrooms, corridors, gardens, and even lending a hand in the kitchen.

Quality Circle Time ("QCT")

At Modern & Moral Academic Public School, we encourage the development of healthy interpersonal skills and value education from early age.
A unique practice at Indus is one of Quality Circle Time (“QCT”), which is followed once a week by teachers and students together.

Drop Everything And Read (DEAR)

At Modern & Moral Academic Public School, we recognize the importance of reading. We believe that reading is more than a skill. It is the building block for development of students and it is also a guiding force that has the potential to take our students perform better in life.
World over, there is no debate with regards to the criticality and importance of reading. Reading is a vital skill for personal and professional success. Several global research studies on reading have concluded that there is a very high correlation between reading and academic performance. In fact, there are also studies that prove that students who read better perform better in all subjects, including STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics) subjects.
To strengthen reading skills, our School has DEAR time embedded in its schedule. There are times declared by the teachers that are the DEAR time, specially dedicated for reading. We also have the practice of students writing the summary of the books they read. This practice helps in improved reading comprehension and also writing abilities.

Goal Setting

At Modern & Moral Academic Public School, the students take responsibilities of their own life early on. They set their own goals and review their own progress with their teachers. These build habit of self-management and personal effectives. This leads to a balanced social and emotional learning.

Jodo Gyan

At Modern & Moral Academic Public School, we follow Jodo Gyan for active mathematics, specially in the initial grades.

Jodo Gyan is an institution focussed on finding practical solutions to the common problems in the classroom practices. It works closely with students, teachers, and parents in mathematics and science. It deploys innovative methods through which students understand and enjoy what they are being taught. Additionally, there are workshops on designing, developing and providing low-cost TLMs (teaching learning materials) for the effective implementation of activity-based education.

Jolly Phonics

Jolly Phonics is a wonderful program that teaches students to read and write using synthetic phonics. It is widely considered and recognised as the most effective way to teach students to read and write in English.

Jolly Phonics is being used in over 100 countries globally as the leading school programme that teaches not only phonics, but also spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Systematic teaching of phonics, grammar, spelling and punctuation helps the students learn the right English in the right manner. Moreover, the teaching is multi-sensory and active, with fun actions, stories and songs. Many independent research reports confirm the outstanding results achieved through Jolly Phonics. The students at Modern & Moral Academic Public School benefit immensely from Jolly Phonics program.