Delivery Promise

• Achieve academic excellence through a mix of a challenging curriculum, superior teaching, and a culture with a unique blend of joy, curiosity and discipline, mixed with self-learning.
• Attract, develop and retain outstanding teachers.
• Develop a great working environment for learning and teaching and, in particular, to constantly reinvent the school and keep raising the bar of performance.
• Guide students’ behaviour and progress in such a way that praise prevails over reprimands and encouragement prevails over sanctions.
• Provide opportunities for students to extend their personal interests and experiences and to develop both self-reliance and social and cultural awareness.
• Provide relevant and effective education through broad and balanced curriculum.
• Set and assess homework on a regular basis.
• Create an environment where students respond to challenge, where they work hard with a sense of commitment and enjoyment and take pride in their work and appreciate the value of what they learn.
• Seek able leaders to serve in the leadership and advisory positions and to use their experience and insights to help the school realize a successful future.
• Recruit, appoint and assist the development of talented and inspirational staff through continuing professional development training.
• Provide increased funding for scholarships, to allow a wide intake from the wider section of the society.
• Ensure that the needs of individual students are identified, and that each student has access to teachers who will give guidance on academic matters.
• Organise activities that allow for co-operative effect, healthy competition and the development of love for excellence and leadership.
• Deliver stimulating lessons which promote academic rigour and enable students to demonstrate high levels of achievement.
• Involve parents fully in the education of their children/wards by making communication easy, informative and effective. Encourage parents to support the life of the school in general.

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The 3 Stages of learning at MMAPS


At MMAPS, the pre-primary sections are called the Ananda phase. During the Ananda phase, our teachers pay a lot of attention to ensure that young students fall in love with the school environment. At MMAPS, young students learn in an environment where each child is respected for the way and pace at which she or he learns.


When young students do not fear the school or their teachers, they feel free to ask questions and are not afraid to make mistakes. This creates the spirit of inquiry (Jigyasa) in them, which makes them confident learners who truly understand what they learn. Our assessment systems are designed to test understanding and not reproduce facts.


MMAPS believes in making our students ready to face the world through scientific career guidance and stringent test preparation from Grade IX onwards. This is called the Sadhana phase, which focuses on disciplined effort towards a goal.



Following our student-at-the-centre approach, several activities and initiatives are designed and delivered by the students at the Modern & Moral Academic Public School, keeping in mind the learning by doing approach. A few of the key activities and initiatives are outlined below:

Students of Sadhana reach out to various companies and apply for summer internships. Such internships give them the opportunity to see the real world. Specifically, a few of the benefits for the students are as below:
• Students gain valuable work experience in the real world of work.
• It acts as a great starting point to explore a career path.
• Helps build self-confidence by interaction with different types of persons at the internship.
• Acts as a testimony to go beyond academics by going the extra mile.
• A few of the students may also get financial compensation in the form of stipend.
• Building a professional network helps imensely in the long run.
Every year, there is a student outbound planned for students at Modern & Moral Academic Public School. It provides several life lessons in a relatively short period of time.
Normally, student outbounds are hectic and at the same time fun-filled set of activities where students learn through adventure activities, experiential learning, and discussions in a safe and supportive environment. It results in unearthing the leader in each student.
Modern & Moral Academic Public School follows the concept of learning by doing and taking responsibility of own learning from early age. Hence, the concept of Student Led Conference (SLC) works well at the School. In each Student Led Conference, the students present the summary of learnings in the previous quarter or so and demonstrate through a variety of materials the progress made by them in the recent past. The key aspect determining the success of the students or the SLC is through preparation.
In SLC, the key is for the students to prepare well. To prepare well for SLC, the students must have a complete understanding of the concepts or topics covered and must put in adequate amount of effort in coming up with a plan and tools that would help them summarize several days of learning in a few minutes! A few of the students take the portfolio approach while others make elaborate charts and display materials to explain the concepts and topics they covered. In addition, many students practice and conduct dry runs with fellow students or even the teachers. SLC is a great initiative for our students to develop in-depth understanding or concepts and topics and develop self-confidence and presentation skills.
Teenage Conference is a unique conference, which is conceptualised, designed and delivered by the teenage students.
It is an annual event and in every teenage conference, various issues related to teenage are discussed and debated. Teenagers from a large number of schools participate in the teenage conference.