We understand the importance of choosing the right school for your child. So we have every intention of making the educational journey for your child and you as rewarding as possible.

MMAPS is a true public school, rich with cultural diversity, Indian values, and a Gurukul learning environment, and learners show respect for their individual heritage. We also take the business of nurturing talent and inspiring young minds very seriously and are committed to groom highly active and mature citizens.

At MMAPS, we pride ourselves on the support we give to each and every single learner because we believe that each one of our students has amazing and unique potential to excel.

Our motto, "Navigate to your life goal," epitomizes everything that we stand for, from the incomparability of our curriculum to the expertise of our teachers, right down to the cleanliness of our school premises. Our main goal at MMAPS is to create confident, knowledgeable, value-based individuals who can be proud of themselves and contribute positively to their lives for the future of our country. This level of success can only be achieved through a strong partnership between learners, staff, parents, and the community as a whole.

We welcome the opportunity to meet you and show you our school around.

A. Samantaray