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Certified Teachers

An upgraded and advanced school ethos with mentorship that is innovative has provided an activity based, blended learning experience at its core.

Top Class Education

A brand new, child-oriented environment, where classrooms are arranged for challenging play and learning.

Book & Library

The school has made a strong impact in the educational scenario with its unique philosophy and futuristic thinking.

Sport Clubs

Physical Education is an indispensable element on the continuum where listings of essential pre-requisites for personality development are drawn.

Notice Board


Admissions Open for the Academic Session 2024-2025

We are thrilled to announce that admissions for the academic session 2024-2025 are now open. We are accepting applications for classes from Nursery to 9th. Our institution stands out for its unique blend of modernity and morality. We believe in providing a holistic education that balances academic excellence with character development. Our curriculum is designed to equip students with 21st-century skills while instilling timeless values.



Dear Parents, This is to inform you all that, as per the circular of State Government the School will remain closed till 25/06/2023 (Sunday) due to the scorching heat. Hence, the reopening of School is rescheduled on 26/06/2023 (Monday).



Parents are requested to witness the historical event in the history of Indian Education System. Date - 07/05/2023 (Sunday) Venue - Modern & Moral Academic Public School, Parsada, Bilaspur (C.G.) Timing - 08:30 AM To 10:30 AM


SCHOOL REOPENING DATE - 19/06/2023 (Monday)



From 08/05/2023 (Monday) To 18/05/2023 (Sunday)


ADMISSION OPEN (2023-2024)

From Class - Playgroup To Class - 8th

Why Only MMAPS ??

Our aim is for children to be enlightened in mind, enriched in character, empowered to forge ahead and encouraged beyond belief to be creative thinkers, world citizens and responsible individuals.

Safety First

Only MMAPS provide fully locked/sealed building during school hours.

Unique Class

Only MMAPS provide echo-free and Mosquito free classrooms.

Certified Teacher

All teachers are trained, qualified, moralistic and enthusiastic.

Smart classrooms

74 ICT (Integrated Co-Teaching) Classrooms apart from other departments.

Sports Facilities

172600 Sq. Ft. area is dedicated for different indoor & outdoor sport.


• Academics First and Student at the Centre.
• To focus on the individual student and inspire each student to do his or her best and realise his or her full potential. This is to be facilitated by small classes, a "learning by doing" environment that combines hands-on experiences with learning by doing, and close relationships between our teachers and students.
• To develop each student’s interest in and enjoyment of a broad range of activities including sport, music, art, drama, outdoor pursuits, and service to the society, providing opportunities for developing each pupil's skill and knowledge in these areas.
• To develop extra-curricular activities, which both in quantity and quality lastingly develop personality, achievement and skill. To integrate visual and performing arts and athletics both within academic program and as extracurricular activities.
• To provide a safe, friendly and supportive environment in which each student feels that he/she is valued as an individual and where he/she learns that his/her own attitude to others is fundamental to the success of this aim.
• To be a school where students from varied backgrounds feel equal where their social and academic needs are met in an atmosphere of mutual respect and support.
• To help all students to recognise the value of the commitments they make around them, as well as to their own studies, not least so that they can understand their lasting responsibility to the wider community. In doing this, the school seeks also to prepare students socially, morally and philosophically for life in a wider sense, stretching chronologically as well as geographically beyond the confines of school.


There are several MMAPS Practices that have evolved through years of research and practices. A few of the high impact practices leading to social, emotional and cognitive development of the students are as follows:

I Know Thyself ("IKT")

I know Thyself (“IKT”) MMAPS practice is a structured program driven by the IKT book. We believe that it is critical that students learn to set goals at an early age. The MMAPS Know Thyself book allows them to keep track of their own progress. They set their own goals and receive feedback from both the teachers and peers. We regularly encourage students to take up activities inside the School, which aid the feeling of community development and a sense of belongingness to the School. Students can be seen cleaning their classrooms, corridors, gardens, and even lending a hand in the kitchen.

Quality Circle Time ("QCT")

At Modern & Moral Academic Public School, we encourage the development of healthy interpersonal skills and value education from early age.
A unique practice at MMAPS is one of Quality Circle Time (“QCT”), which is followed once a week by teachers and students together.

Drop Everything And Read (DEAR)

At Modern & Moral Academic Public School, we recognize the importance of reading. We believe that reading is more than a skill. It is the building block for development of students and it is also a guiding force that has the potential to take our students perform better in life. World over, there is no debate with regards to the criticality and importance of reading. Reading is a vital skill for personal and professional success. Several global research studies on reading have concluded that there is a very high correlation between reading and academic performance. In fact, there are also studies that prove that students who read better perform better in all subjects, including STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics) subjects.
To strengthen reading skills, our School has DEAR time embedded in its schedule. There are times declared by the teachers that are the DEAR time, specially dedicated for reading. We also have the practice of students writing the summary of the books they read. This practice helps in improved reading comprehension and also writing abilities.

Modern & Moral Academic Public School (Parsada)

Why we are Unique?

Apart from the popular facilities like other schools, MMAPS is providing such facilities which has not been realized by the parents yet. while these are the basic requirements for every student in the process of education.

1. Along with the modern and vocational education, we provide ethics and practical education.

2. Elementary education for participating in technical and other competitive exams from now on.

3. It has been generally seen that when 30-40 students study together in the classroom, there is a noise pollution due to which the concentration of the whole class gets affected. Mosquitoes and flies disturb students. For getting rid of such disturbances,the following arrangement has been made by MMAPS.
(a) Anechoic (Echo Free) classrooms has been designed.
(b) Along with the classrooms, the entire building has been made mosquitoes and flies free.
(c) Arrangements for online education in every classroom.


We offer the basic requirements of official curriculum Purely based of NEP(New Education Policy)2020.

PLAYGROUP STAGE: 4 Years (Age 2-6)

Our Preschool curriculum encourages children to

FOUNDATIONAL STAGE: 2 years (Class 1 & 2) (Age 6-8)

Our Foundation Phase curriculum promotes four a

PREPARATORY STAGE: 3 Years(Class 3 to 5) (Age 8-11)

Our Preparatory stage curriculum encourage inve

MIDDLE STAGE : 3 Years(Class 6 to 8)(Age 11-14)

Our Middle stage curriculum encourage investing

SECONDARY STAGE: 4 Years(Class 9 to 12) (Age 14-18)

In our Secondary stage learners have to decide

Notes :- Phase wise the classes will increase with respect to the guideline framed by the Ministry of Education, India. In addition to the standard Curriculum MMAPS also offers to empower :

* Physical, Mental, Psychological, Emotional and Spiritual Health.
* Computer classes along with Coding and Artificial Intelligence.
* Creative and Performing arts, we believe that these additional programs form a vital role in cognitive, creative and social development of every child.

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