• As it is said, any school is as good or bad as its teachers. We are conscious of the fact that it is the teacher that makes or breaks a school. At Modern & Moral Academic Public School, we ensure that our teachers are well qualified in all manners (having a degree is necessary but not a sufficient condition for a teacher to join Modern & Moral Academic Public School). We follow a rigorous selection process that involves understanding and application of pedagogy, curriculum design and delivery, classroom management, use of technology, leadership and teamwork, child psychology, human psychology and sell – development.


Modern & Moral Academic Public School follows a unique recruitment process with a combination of the following:
1. Short listing of applications based on predetermined criteria and metrics
2. Written Test
3. Group Discussion
4. Psychometric Test
5. Classroom Demonstration
6. Personal Interview
Once a teacher is selected and joins the School, s/he is taken through a detailed induction and orientation program. This is followed by ongoing training and refresher programs.


We believe that the teacher development is an ongoing process and it must take place round the year. To this effect, we conduct programs, workshops and events within the School and outside the school covering a variety of topics. As an illustration, a few of such programs are provided as below:
• Analysis of Assessment - Reflection & Action Planning
• Annual School Planning
• Designing Effective Assessments
• Designing & Learning by Doing Experiments Science
• Effective Lesson Planning - Leson Plan Writers
• Effective Lesson Planning - Teachers
• Parents as Partners
• Implementing Better School Practices
• Leveraging Assessments Results for improving Learning
• New Teacher Orientation and Induction Program
• Performance Review - Filling Self-Assessment
• Teacher Outbound - Strong Together