A teaching career with Modern & Moral Academic Public School is less about teaching and more about making a positive difference and change in the society. All the teachers are welcomed with open arms and open hearts to the School and are provided with the right tools, training and the necessary support to achieve success.
Modern & Moral Academic Public School have collaborative teams comprising of talented teachers who provide each student with a superior and relevant education and are focused on continual student growth./br> Just as we expect every student to grow month to month and grow year to year, we expect the same from our teachers. Our teachers are not just teachers – they are leaders and inspirations to our students and parents. Our teachers have a right mix of passion and practicality for teaching and for our core purpose.
Hiring, professional development, supporting, holding accountable and motivating teachers is a top priority for us, as we know that only the most competent teachers provide the best education for our students.

Our teachers:

• Engage with the students to develop their critical-thinking, problem-solving and higher-order thinking skills.
• Assess their performance by data - whether it is linked with assessment of student or with self-assessment.
• Develop purposeful and healthy relationships with parents to ensure ongoing communication regarding progress and development of our students.
• Are learners for life - they are open to new and innovative ideas and are committed to reaching their maximum potential as teachers by growing every month and every year.
• Learn by collaboration across subjects – whether from the teacher in the classroom next door our through a teacher in some other school.
• Work within the frameworks of curriculum defined by affiliating Board but also have the autonomy to create and guide the curriculum at the School, resulting in innovative and custom-made educational programs.

What We Offer?

At Modern & Moral Academic Public School, we believe that teachers don’t work merely for salary. They work for making a difference and they work for personal growth and development. Though Modern & Moral Academic Public School pays attractive salaries, here are the key things that we offer:

Continual Professional Development

Our teachers are students too – they are always learning. Our teachers are dedicated to getting better with every passing day and month and year. To help our teachers become world class at their profession, we provide comprehensive professional training and development opportunities to share best practices with some of the world’s finest educators.
We have developed a network amongst the teaching community and using technology, we conduct formal training sessions across geographies and locations.

Academic and Assessment Support

We ensure that our teachers have the desired resources to do an outstanding job. All of our schools are designed in a manner that our teachers can spend one-on-one time individually with their students. On top, we have a central academic and assessment team that provides ongoing support and guidance to the teachers on a variety of matters.

Accountability and Autonomy

We measure academic growth through classroom observation and evaluation, as well as student growth relative to students of similar ability. The school provides feedback to each teacher on the social and personal growth of our students. Our teachers are accountable for understanding each student and ensuring they are all growing. Similarly, the teachers are given a lot of autonomy and freedom coupled with accountability to deliver good quality education.

Personal Development Opportunities

Teachers are the cornerstone of Modern & Moral Academic Public School, and their engagement and satisfaction is the top priority for us. Retaining and motivating competent teachers is most important to our core purpose. Hence, we provide our teachers with:
• Comprehensive and personalised professional development program
• Clear and relevant feedback mechanism
• Opportunities to teach and learn across geographies and locations
• Access to cutting edge technology and opportunity to interact with top talent

Recruitment Process

Modern & Moral Academic Public School follows a unique recruitment process with a combination of the following:
Shortlisting of applications based on predetermined criteria and metrics
Written Test
Group Discussion
Psychometric Test
Classroom Demonstration
Personal Interview
Once a teacher is selected and joins the School, s/he is taken through a detailed induction and orientation program. This is followed by ongoing training and refresher programs.

Apply now

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