Sustainable Environment Activities

There are various activities that we plan to ensure a sustainable future for our next generations.
Key activities planned and delivered are:

Green day celebration Plantation Vegetation projects

At Modern & Moral Academic Public School, we look to impart education to the students in a way which leaves a minimum impact on the environment. The impact on the environment has various dimensions, the ones considered vision by us are listed below:
• Water
• Energy
• Land
• Air
• Wastage and
• Food
With conscious efforts on the above, our students become socially responsible citizens who feel empathy towards others, and believe in equality, and live in the community with peace and trust among fellow humans.
With green initiatives, we get the following major benefits:
Low Environmental Impact: With a very low environmental and carbon footprint impact made in running the School it becomes beneficial for the environment. We consume relatively less electricity and do not create any major pollution and we propagate good practices.
Students develop high SQ and EQ: The spiritual quotient and emotional quotient of the students graduating from Modern & Moral Academic Public School are relatively high
Hands on and experiential learning: Besides the classroom learning, students learn by interacting with nature.

Our School House Systems

MMAPS provides a plethora of opportunities to every child for his / her holistic development. The school is divided into sub-units called ‘houses’ and each student is allocated to one house at the time of enrolment. We have four houses in our school. These houses are named after the five elements of universe namely Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Ether.

Agni variously denotes the natural element of fire. It is a symbol of piety. The red colour symbolizes force, and energy.
The symbolism of Jal has a universal undertone of purity and fertility. The blue colour is associated with loyalty, confidence and calmness.
This element of Prithvi symbolizes physical sensation and growth. The yellow is the colour of Sunshine and is associated with progress, joy and intellect.
The element of Vayu is a powerful teacher and divination tool. The colour white represents a successful beginning, stands for purity, innocence and perfection.
The element of space (Ether) is the celestial energy that helps in binding these elements to ensure cohesiveness. Ether plays an important role in these well-known phenomena of blending the remaining colours into its own and marching ahead progressively. This element is represented by School Captain and School vice Captains.