PLAYGROUP STAGE: 4 Years (Age 2-6)

Our Preschool curriculum encourages children to

FOUNDATIONAL STAGE: 2 years (Class 1 & 2) (Age 6-8)

Our Foundation Phase curriculum promotes four a

PREPARATORY STAGE: 3 Years(Class 3 to 5) (Age 8-11)

Our Preparatory stage curriculum encourage inve

MIDDLE STAGE : 3 Years(Class 6 to 8)(Age 11-14)

Our Middle stage curriculum encourage investing

SECONDARY STAGE: 4 Years(Class 9 to 12) (Age 14-18)

In our Secondary stage learners have to decide

Notes :- Phase wise the classes will increase with respect to the guideline framed by the Ministry of Education, India. In addition to the standard Curriculum MMAPS also offers to empower :

* Physical, Mental, Psychological, Emotional and Spiritual Health.
* Computer classes along with Coding and Artificial Intelligence.
* Creative and Performing arts, we believe that these additional programs form a vital role in cognitive, creative and social development of every child.