In our Secondary stage learners have to decide multidisciplinary study, greater critical thinking, flexibility and student choice of subject, career direction when they finish school before class 12. This means they must make very important decisions that will impact not only on what subjects they take in the higher studies but also on their working life after school.

In this stage the same literacy principles as in previous stages are included in the language teaching with a bigger emphasis on other languages and mathematics allowing for a more focused and problem-solving approach.

Our major Subjects and areas of learning as follows:

Hindi [Home Language]

English [International Language]

Sanskrit & Moral Science [Additional Subject]


Science [Physics, Chemistry, Biology]

Social Sciences [Economic, History , Civics and Geography]

Commerce [Accountancy, Business studies, Economics]

Physical Education & Life Skills- which includes Creative Arts asked in technical and other competitive Examination.

[Music, Arts. Drama]

Computer Science [coding and AI]/Information Technology

Vocational education

Preliminary Preparation of Questions to be